About us

Hubba and Koko


Mischa is our 3 year old chocolate lab, and Kendall is our 1 year old yellow lab. They are sisters and most importantly best friends. They have inspired us to create one of a kind dog collars and leashes with trendy patterns and bright colors that will satisfy every one  of our furry friends.

We found ourselves looking for collars that were fun patterns, but also made our girls stand out. We found that the collars at the stores were all the same. We wanted something different so we started designing unique, but trendy collars so your puppy will always be up with the latest trends.

Another thing about Labs that is also true with many, if not all dogs, is they love to play rough. We needed a collar that can withstand the wear and tear of our energetic dogs! These collars and leashes offer durability and style. What more could a dog need?

So, why the name Hubba Puppy?

When Mischa was a puppy she LOVED to bark. She did it all the time, as many puppies do! As she was getting older her barks started to sound like hubba’s. She then became our  little Hubba Puppy and has been barking like that ever since.

We want to welcome you all to share opinions on what you are looking for! Check out all of our products at hubbapuppy.com and let us know what you think.